Make a donation
  • One off Donation: A stay in hospital can be a daunting time for children; away from home and the people they love. Imagine their delight when Clown Doctors transform the room into a magical space. Clown Doctors can be very instrumental in uplifting a child's mental state. They provide a distraction from the daily hospital routine. The effects can truly be emotional even magical at times – the interaction with the Clown Doctors whether silently or interactively can result in breaking a child's long silence to bringing fun and laughter back to the child. Without of course accounting for the positive impact it can have at times on the parents…
    Only your support, your donations, can sustain Ibtissama's mission in Lebanon.
  • Donate Regularly: you can sign a Credit Card Authorization Form for automatic monthly donation.
  • A Red Nose: 2$
    Why not buy red noses for your loved ones and your children; they will surely appreciate the gift they received. The sale of 3 Red Noses will help draw a smile on the face of one hospitalized child.
  • An Ibtissama Mug: 7$
    With a purchase of an Ibtissama Mug, you will be offering the gift of laughter to 1 hospitalized child.

On the occasion of getting a gift to your loved ones, why not offer in their name the gift of a smile for hospitalized children in Lebanon?

  • A smile: 7$
    It costs just 7$ for one Clown Doctor to visit a child in hospital. Why not offer the gift of laughter to a child in one of the four hospitals that we visit regularly?
  • A day of smiles: 200$
    Why not give smiles to all children at one of our four hospitals by funding Clown Doctors' visits for a full day.
  • Red Noses: 80$
    Red noses can be incorporated into the magic our Clown Doctors spread in hospitals. When given in each hospital room, they are guaranteed to bring smiles to the faces of children, parents and hospital staff.
Give in Memory of a loved one
  • A smile on children's faces in memory of a life well lived. Saying goodbye to a loved one is always difficult. People often take this time to remember the special moments they shared together, whilst hoping to honor their life in a way which truly reflects their character.

    By making a donation in memory of a loved one, you can help us bring joy to children in hospital whilst celebrating the life of a loved one; the fun times and the laughter. A donation to Ibtissama in memory of a loved one is special because it helps the laughter live on.

Donations are gratefully received at Smile Foundation's following bank account

Smile Foundation
Bank Audi S.A.L.
Beirut, Lebanon
LB35 0056 0000 4997 2461 0020 2101