What is “Ibtissama”?
“Ibtissama” – the Arabic for “smile” - is an entertainment program managed by Smile Foundation (Decree number 16/2011) especially customized to target hospitalized children. Ibtissama is all about hospital visits held by professionally trained artists called “Clown Doctors”. They introduce a variety of approaches to entertain children and their parents. Approaches include: music, color, role-play, suggestion games, and tiny playthings.

What is the mission of Ibtissama?
The mission of Ibtissama is to bring smiles, fun and laughter to hospitalized children in Lebanon, especially those with chronic illnesses, through visits held by specialized “Clown Doctors”.

The objectives of Ibtissama are:

To create an encouraging environment for hospitalized children and their families.
To promote children’s interactive skills as well as their families’.
To form concrete relationships with hospital administration and staff.
To provide professional and specialized training to clown doctors in the theory and practice of Ibtissama.

Do Ibtissama Clown Doctors take part in special celebrations such as birthday parties, anniversaries, and festivals?
“Clown Doctors” work only within therapeutic settings such as hospitals. Artists who perform hospital clowning may also have experience in stage performance and other sorts of entertainment activities. They might also be actively practicing other types of clowning and artistic performances; however, as “Clown Doctors” they may not participate in any type of entertainment outside the therapeutic setting.

Do Ibtissama Clown Doctors accept stipends from patients and their families?
No. Ibtissama “Clown Doctors” are remunerated by Smile Foundation. They do not accept or expect any form of compensation from patients, families or others. Charitable stipends may be offered in the form of donations. To learn more about donation.

How can I support Ibtissama?
You can get involved in the world of Ibtissama by supporting its sustainability. You may do so by donating funds, becoming a sponsor, or organizing a FUNraising activity. If you are interested, you may learn more about getting involved by browsing the "GetInvolved” page or you may "ContactUs".

How is Ibtissama Program financed?
Ibtissama program depends exclusively on donation and sponsorship funding. Ibtissama Program does not include any profitable or commercial services. It is also essential to state that Ibtissama Foundation does not charge hospitals or patients for Ibtissama Program services.
For further information regarding Ibtissama financial resources click  "FinanceResources"   

If your question is not listed above, email info@ibtissama.org; we will be glad to provide you with the answer.