Cost-free way to help
  • Bank Audi Rewards
    Accumulate points while using your Bank Audi credit card and convert them to donations to Ibtissama, helping spread joy to hospitalized children in Lebanon.
  • Recommend us to your company
    You know that your company is always ready to sponsor associations or events, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility program (CSR) why not recommend us to the decision makers in your company?
  • Organize an event
    Organize a concert, bake sale, brunch, karaoke night, etc… everyone who attends has to make a contribution
  • Red Nose Day (RND) campaign
    Help us organize a RND campaign in your alma mater, your children's school, nursery, colonie de vacances etc… Ibtissama Clown Doctors will be present and we will sell red noses for 2$.
Sponsored Challenges

BLOM Beirut Marathon
Run the annual BLOM Beirut marathon, pledge to raise money for Ibtissama

Special Occasions

Are you celebrating a birthday, anniversary, wedding, birth of your child, engagement or any other special occasion? Instead of receiving gifts, why not ask your friends and family to donate instead?