Ibtissama is modeled on the Swiss Theodora Foundation, who has been the exclusive consultant for Ibtissama program since its early days.

Theodora Foundation has been running Clown Doctor programs in Switzerland and other European countries since 1994. It is a well-established organization with 170 senior clown doctors active every week in 112 hospitals located in 8 european countries. Theodora clown doctors reach out to 270,000 children every year.

André Poulie, Co-founder and President of Theodora Foundation holds credit for helping Ibtissama set all technical and conceptual basis of Ibtissama. André occasionally visits Lebanon to get feedback about the implementation process and share Theodora recommendations and evaluation with Smile Foundation, Ibtissama Team and Clown Doctors. Likewise, Rodrigo Morganti, Theodora’s Italian Dr. Strettoscopio, has been overseeing all training activities of Ibtissama Clown Doctors and closely following up their progress.

Owing to the assistance provided by delegates of Theodora Foundation, Ibtissama has been able to establish a high set of standards related to its implementation in Lebanon.

For more information on Theodora Foundation visit its official website: www.theodora.org