Here is what some of parents have told us

“I am grateful to God for sending people like you; you leave smiles in our children’s hearts! “ ...Mother of Samah – CCCL (St.Jude)

“He’s been in the hospital for the past 10 days; this is the first time he laughs…” ...Mother of 4-year-old –RHUH  General Pediatrics.

“We feel very happy when you come, we sometimes need you more than our children need you” ...Mother of a sleeping child –RHUH Oncology Unit

“This is the best treatment a child can get” ...Father of 11-year-old, RHUH General Pediatric

“My son is in a coma, but I told the Clown Doctor that he can still hear us, so she played some soft music… It felt like she made contact with him… she made him happy” ...Mother of Abboudi, 5 years old – RHUH General Pediatrics

“He refused to eat or drink anything … but when the Clown Doctors came, something magical happened and he started to eat again” ... Mother of Mahmoud, 1½ - year-old – AUBMC General Pediatrics